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check out my art!

2010-01-11 12:01:08 by televictim

check out my art and stuff cause im ghonna (try) and make a simple game soon anyways. my 2 first submissions are results of my quikhand attempts at learning different forms of art so i can find out wich way of drawing is better. so check out my stuff now you wont regret it!
WARNING! make sure your 18+ or your mind may simpley not be able to handle some of the information!
a man had a bad day of work because he was caught watching lesbian porn during his work shift. on the way home he decided that since he already had a boner going (from the porn) he whould go home and suprise his wife by licking her out. so he goes home, up the stairs and into her room. she was layin their, the cover pulled over her head. so he stuck his head under the cover and began to lick her out. after about a minute she had an orgasm and spurted on his face, so he left the room to clean his face. as he walks into the bathroom he sees his wife shaving her legs and yells "HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET IN HERE?!?" and his wife replies "SSHHHHHHHH! youl wake yer mum!" LOL!

how do you get scouted?

2010-01-10 12:16:37 by televictim

just wondering, how can you get scouted or atleast try to get scouted cause i think my art deserves atleast considered to be in the art portal!

joined ng!

2010-01-09 20:12:54 by televictim

new to ng, and im here for the art portal, so dont expect much in the way of flash and audio submissions beleive me i just isnt my thing.